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I'm Bre — an online keto coach who believes you've got what it takes to make big changes in your life.


After years of struggling with body image, yo-yo dieting and trying all the new fad diets I was about to lose hope but then... I found The Ketogenic Diet

I stumbled across a YouTube video about the Keto Diet and was intrigued. After hours of binge-watching the YouTuber's content on how to do it and seeing her weight lost success, I had to try it. I made out a meal plan and started a journey towards weight loss, but more importantly—my journey to a healthier, happier, more sustainable lifestyle.

And now I'm here to help you do the same.

Cutting calories, excessively working out, drinking only green juice for days... You name it, I've done it. And it's not for me.

I lost 35 pounds and gained self-confidence.

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Keto was the first diet that I had tried that didn't feel like a diet. I was able to eat yummy food and still lose weight all at the same time! For the first time in my life, I had a healthy relationship with food, lost over 35 pounds and gained the self-confidence that I never had before.

I'm here to help you to achieve the same thing without you having to go through all the trials
and errors that I did. Believe me, I never thought I'd be where I'm at today physically and mentally but with a lot of hard work and dedication, I did it and so can you! 

Never without

My water bottle 

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Num Whoopie Pies 

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Cold brew with sugar-free syrup & heavy cream

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The Alive App

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We all have a (health journey) story to tell and I was privileged enough to be able to share my story with Women's Health. 

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with the check-ins and shopping list. It just made it so easy! I lost 23 pounds and now need to go down a size in clothing! Your meals are delicious and I recommend you to everyone!"

- Sidney M.

“Your meal plan is the only diet I've been able to really follow

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I feel comfortable and confident in what I wear and everything I do! I truly I have you to thank! Everything you did for me during the past 8 weeks have been truly amazing!! Thank you so much!!

- Angelina M.

“Overall I lost 22 pounds!!
I feel the best I have ever felt!

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and could not have done it without this awesome meal plan! The recipes are easy to follow and are so delicious. The leftovers option in the meal plan made it convenient for a busy working mom. The meal plan helps me stay on track so I will def be doing it again!

- lyndsey M.

“I lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks! I'm super excited about it

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You deserve to feel good, look good and enjoy good food. And I'll be here to support you every step of the way.

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